1934 Singer 1.5 Litre 4-Seater Sports
US8155 UK Reg.

Last summer at the Brit Car show (Sep. 99) in Los Angeles, I was showing off my 53 4AD and a gentleman walked up with a cardboard sign around his neck "1934 Singer Le Mans for sale" I had just bought my 34 LM so I was only interested in getting some pictures of the car for future reference. As he started talking to me, he made a comment about the 6 cylinder engine...my ears perked up....a 6 cylinder Le Mans ? I was really listening now ! Well it turns out the car is not a Le Mans but I was still interested. After about a month I finally had the time to go see the car and yup, its a darn nice car all right. I could live without it, it would be nice to have but I would prefer to keep the money for my Le Mans. Although I do have a picture of one of these as my Windows background and it was always in the "fantasy" list of cars to own, its not a Le Mans. My wife had other plans however and 6 months later on Thursday March 16, the guy called me back. I was not at home and he spoke with my wife, by the time I got home I owned a new Singer. Its a cool car and probably the most complete and original non-restored 34 Singer left, I have no hard evidence to back that statement up but its hard to imagine a more complete unrestored Singer. And best of all, NO RUST ! The car last ran in 1968 but I am told it was running quite well at that time and it was parked due to brake problems. So after my last 2 years of parts hunting for my Le Mans it will be nice to just restore a car, just plain restore, and not first have to buy the parts to restore, like I have to do on my Le Mans. Of course this car kills my Le Mans budget for a long time, maybe as much as a year but when you play with these old toys, you have to keep the wife happy and she loves "her" new car.

I picked up the car Friday March 17, and here it is still on the trailer on Monday the 20th, right after I brought it back from the CA. DMV taking care of all the paper work, good thing we don't have MOT's here in California. The only concern I had at the DMV was the cars serial number is wrong on the papers but the lady at the DMV found the number she was looking for on the frame so she was happy. Its looks to me like a non-factory stamping but it matched the papers that came with the car and when a bureaucrat is happy, you don't argue ! Soooo its MINE, yes I have my wife's permission to say that.

Now the car sits and waits its turn, I guess it will be many years before I turn a wrench on this one as I don't want to have too many cars apart at the same time. Lets call this one my retirement project, certainly hoping its done long before retirement. But I have to finish the other Singer first.

Click on picture to get a larger picture, click here to see pics of other 1 1/2 Litre 4 Seater Sports.

The really nice view from the rear
view mirror as she sits on the trailer.
About to get unloaded at home. Just another angle

What ? only 1 spare ? what kind of
Singer is this ? A proper Singer has 2 spares.
  Even the clock WORKS

  Count them! 6 yup 6 cylinders A missing part is the switch at the
bottom of the steering gear

Thats a FORD canister on the lower
right, I will fix that.

The worst body damage I have
found so far
Ditto, although some wood back
there has fallen out, the rest of the
wood seems in good shape. I will
just replace the one for now.
Ok, so I didn't say the car was
PERFECT.Mom can fix this though :)
she used to own a upholstery shop, I
might even try it since I do have her old
sewing equipment from the shop and I
spent a lot of time in that shop

Look MA, NO RUST...and I mean
no rust anywhere, amazing what 30
years in Arizona and then 30 more
years in agarage will do for a car
Spring gaiters on a Singer ? cool !