On the main website is a section called "Period Advertisements" which is presumably how you arrived to this page. That page has always been a popular page and generated quite a few e-mails to me about how enjoyable it was to see a original advertisment for Singer's. I always assumed people would not appreciate it because of the download times, but since it has been so popular, here are more. I have left these items quite large on purpose so you can read them and see the details. Underneath each picture is the size and approximate download times for a 28,800 modem (minutes:seconds). If you still use a 14.4k or slower, add time, if you are faster well it will be faster. AND I have more to put up, but I would love some more pre-war ones.

Click on picture to get a larger picture

261KB Time: 1:32@28800

131KB Time: 0:46@28800

148KB Time: 0:53@28800

84KB Time: 0:29@28800

39KB Time: 0:14@28800
5 pages of 4AD pics and info

21KB Time: 0:7@28800

201KB Time: 1:11@28800

245KB Time: 1:27@28800

108KB Time: 0:38@28800

215KB Time: 1:16@28800

225KB Time: 1:20@28800

118KB Time: 0:42@28800

205KB Time: 1:13@28800

267KB Time: 1:35@28800

444KB Time: 2:37@28800

157KB Time: 0:56@28800

198KB Time: 1:10@28800

164KB Time: 0:58@28800

270KB Time: 1:36@28800

177KB Time: 1:3@28800

316KB Time: 1:52@28800

134KB Time: 0:47@28800

203KB Time: 1:12@28800
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