Sorry for the poor quality pictures, I broke my digital camera and I used my Cell Phone camera to take these.

I started with only the picture above, it is Phil's Sports(?) bracket.  I took the pic while there and had never seen one until then and I had no idea I was missing it or where it goes until Phillip showed it to I figured out the size based on the hole spacing (that was easy) I then guessed the angle and depth of the 90degree bend and hope I got it right. Why was it not a pure triangle I dont know. This is my last step of reassembling my rear axle and getting the chassis on all 4 wheels.

1. is this right ?

2. or is this right ?

3. ok, if this is right, now I have a hits the rear axle housing meaning either it does not belong here or I mis-guessed on the measurements and I have to re-make the bracket.

4. ok this could work.

in case you are wondering I think it is number 1